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For Accountants

HCCA’s specialist construction, surveying and valuation skills provide added value to your existing client relationships. These skills allow HCCA to fully explore the details of a project or in particular, property acquisition, in order to maximise capital allowances and other tax allowances available.

We are happy to work directly with property owners, via professional introductions or on a sub-consultancy basis. We harmonise our roles and services with a view to providing a rounded service whilst maximising capital allowances opportunities and cash benefits for our respective clients. Whilst many of our current professionals see this service as a relationship enhancement with their clients, HCCA are happy to pay referral fees in respect of any introductions made that lead to valuation fees.

Whilst early involvement allows HCCA to make the biggest difference on a project, we can also add value by analysing expenditure from prior years, even where some of the key information may no longer be available and our surveying skills and cost databases become invaluable.

We provide capital allowances advice and valuations in the following areas:

  • Purchase of existing and new property
  • New developments
  • Refurbishment and alteration works
  • Fitting out works
  • Enhanced capital allowances
  • Land remediation relief
  • Furnished holiday lettings
  • Business premises renovation allowances

New Fixtures Legislation

With the recent introduction of the new Capital Allowances fixtures legislation and in particular mandatory pooling effective from April 2014, a buyer’s options are significantly reduced unless accurate and timely advice is given in respect of capital allowances. Accountants and tax advisors should therefore now give advice during the property transaction process rather than after a property acquisition has completed.

Whilst accountants are able to advise the property solicitor on the need to obtain capital allowances information from the seller and provide some initial advice in relation to the information received, HCCA can provide a full range of due diligence services and transactional advice to ensure that the purchase contract includes correct and accurate wording which optimises your clients tax savings available from capital allowances.